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Getting the loan that’s right for you, really isn’t complicated when your lending partner has the expertise and processes to make it simple. That’s what you’ll find at Mortgage Broker Edmonton. Our mortgage experts care enough to really know you. We recognize the importance of your current financial health, but we also know your unique dreams and goals have as much, and maybe even more influence in the ultimate outcome.


Simple Is The Easy Choice


We know you have choices. With so many lenders in today’s market, it can be overwhelming to make a decision on your home mortgage lender. So let us make it easy for you.  We’re not here to push you into signing a loan that may sound good in the short-term but ends up having lasting negative results, and we don’t have a hidden agenda. Our goal is to provide the resources to help you get where you aim to be. It’s just that simple.

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Finding A Mortgage Broker

Consider a mortgage broker instead of a bank, especially if you have less than perfect credit. Unlike banks, mortgage brokers have a variety of sources in which to get your loan approved. Additionally, many times mortgage brokers can get you a better interest rate than you can receive from a traditional bank.

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If the idea of a mortgage looming over your head for the next few decades does not appeal to you, consider refinancing over a shorter period. Although your monthly payments will be more, you’ll save a lot in terms of interest over the life of the loan. It also means being mortgage-free much sooner, and owning your home outright!

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If you are planning on purchasing a house, make sure your credit is in good standing. Most lenders want to make sure your credit history has been spotless for at least a year. To obtain the best rate, your credit score should be at least 720. Remember that the lower your score is, the harder the chances of getting approved.Read more


Mortgage Process

Really think about the amount of house that you can really afford. Banks will give you pre-approved home mortgages if you’d like, but there may be other considerations that the bank isn’t thinking of. Do you have future education needs? Are there upcoming travel expenses? Consider these when looking at your total mortgage. Avoid questionable lenders. Though many are legitimate, others are unscrupulous. Don’t use a lender that seems to promise more than can be delivered. Never sign loan documents with unusually high interest rates. Do not go to a lender that claims that bad credit scores aren’t a problem. Never go with a lender who tries to tell that lying on the mortgage application is acceptable.

Do not change financial institutions or move any money while you are in the process of getting a loan approved. If there are large deposits and/or money is being moved around a lot, the lender will have a lot of questions about that. If you don’t have a solid reason for it, you may end up getting your loan denied.

Consider a mortgage broker for financing. They may not be as simple as your local bank, but they usually have a larger range of available loans. Mortgage brokers often work with numerous lenders. This allows them to personalize your loan to you more readily than a bank or other finance provider.

After applying for a home loan, ask your lender for a copy of the good faith estimate. This contains vital information about the costs associated with your home loan. Information includes the approximate cost of appraisals, commissions and surveys along with any points that are included in the loan agreement.

Refinancing a home mortgage when interest rates are low can save you thousands of dollars on your mortgage. You may even be able to shorten the term of your loan from 30 years to 15 years and still have a monthly payment that is affordable. You can then pay your home off sooner.



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